Tryout Information


Check-in Begins: 5:00 PM
Tryouts Start: 5:30 PM
Estimated End: 7:30 PM

2ND / U8 [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
3RD / U9 [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
4TH / U10 [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
5TH / U11 [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
6TH / U12 [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
7TH / U13 [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
8TH / U14 [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]

Register for Makeup only if player cannot attend the main date due to vacation or other conflicts.

Age level is determined by player grade or age as of April 30th:  Youth Baseball Age Calculator

Field location & times subject to change.  We'll communicate prior to the tryout date.

Field Locations & Map

Tryouts begin End-July through Early-August

Registration is CLOSED at this time.

Expectations & Offer Process:

We appreciate your interest in our program and are here to help your player succeed in baseball! 

Following the below process and expectations helps streamline tryout selections for everyone involved. 

Equipment: Players should be baseball ready in t-shirt, baseball pants, hat, cleats, along with their personal helmet, bat, glove & water. All players should wear a protective cup.  Youth rubber molded baseball cleats only.  Catchers should bring own equipment.  USSSA Bats are acceptable.  

Schedule: Players are evaluated at five stations: Outfield, Infield, Hitting, Running and Pitching.  Players will cycle through each 20-minute station once. Tryout sessions are scheduled for 2 1/2 hours, between check-in and departure. Please schedule your time accordingly.

Observing: While we welcome parents to come watch, we ask that the players attend their tryout individually and only coaches and players will be involved in the tryout process on the field. Everyone else will be asked to quietly wait on the bleachers.

Offer Expectations:

  • Within 48 hours (up to 1 week) the team Head Coach will email offers to players. 
  • Offers will continue until rosters are complete, typically up to 1 week, unless otherwise notified.  
  • Players who are offered a spot on a Jr. Spartan team will have 48 hours to accept the position.
  • Upon accepting the offer, we expect full payment of program fees within 1 week

Payments & Refunds:  Can be made online via Credit Card (+small fee), ACH/Bank Check (+small fee), or Mailed Check

Once the spot is accepted and registration payment has been made, there is No Refund without board approval.

Private Tryout: If your player cannot make the scheduled tryout(s), please email: to arrange a private tryout with a coach.

Any Questions? Please explore the FAQ section of our website.  Also, feel free to ask any of our coaches or board members, at tryouts, with any questions you might have.