Program Age & Development Stages

U9: Transition to a competitive format & kid-pitch development on a small field: 46' distance from home plate to pitcher's plate w/ 60' basepaths.  Small field (46/60).

U10: A higher level of competition, from U9 and a move to a larger field.  Intermediate field (50/70)

U11: Players continue to learn advanced baseball skills like pitching, stealing, running (tagging) and advanced defense skills like making double plays.  Intermediate field (50/70)

U12: Increased development from U11.  U12 teams often look for a travel tournament to Cooperstown or Field of Dreams!  Intermediate field (50/70)

U13: This is the big transition year where we play on the same size field as the high school, college and MLB teams!  Big field (60/90)

U14: Highest level of competition for Select Leagues and Tournaments before players begin High School!  Big field (60/90)